Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Take my pain away.

Where do I start with this stabbing pain,
That very same pain that just rains and rains,
That very same rain that burns and burns,
That very same burn that eats and eats,

Life, love and peace just feels like an illusion,
When satan himself just pours out confusion,
That very same confusion that brings us away,
From the life, love and peace and leads us astray,

But enough is enough as I will now take a stand,
I shall not fear as God is with me from when I had fell,
From the deepest part of the pit to the highest part of heaven,
I shall not take the glory as Gods glory reaches the heavens,

The life that he brings had brought me life,
The love that he brings had made me feel loved,
The peace that he brings had took away the fears,
That stabbing pain I felt is now no longer there.