Animated Bible Stories

Finally something new on this blog and I thought about sharing these videos with you and I would recommend sharing it on Facebook, Twitter or on another social networking sites.

If anyone has any extra ones I've missed out or you want to make any views on it, you are more than welcome to write a review or comment at the bottom of this page.

Here are the videos below.

The Prodigal Son (Animated Christian Full Movie)

David & Goliath (Animated Christian Full Movie)

Worthy is the Lamb (Animated Christian Full Movie)

Elisha (Animated Christian Movie)

He Is Risen (Animated Christian Movie)

The Righteous Judge (Animated Christian Movie)

Treasures in Heaven (Animated Christian Movie)

Abraham and Isaac (Animated Christian Movie)

The Kingdom of Heaven (Animated Christian Movie)

Built Upon The Rock (Animated Christian Movie)

Forgive Us Our Debt (Animated Christian Movie)

Animated story from the New Testament - Jesus, The Son of God

Animated Bible Story - Lazarus lives

Animated Bible Story - Lord, I believe

A very special thanks to God the father and our lord and saviour, Jesus Christ for making the gospel known to us and through Jesus, we are saved.

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