Wednesday, 30 May 2012

The Missing Part Of Me

Why can’t I do this; why can’t I write,

Why can’t I do this; why can’t I speak,

Why can’t I do this; why can’t I run,

Why can’t I do this; why can’t I stand,

The constant reminders of the pain I can see,

The tears of fear, a cry for help, why can’t they see,

The part of me has been shattered into pieces,

The part of me has been taken away from me,

This is how I can express such things,

The heart that still stands; it still sings,

It sings for the lord to fix my broken pieces,

It sings for the lord to take my pain away,

Ah; the lord is here to fix my broken pieces,

My oh my; I no longer feel this pain,

At times I could not write; it has been written in my heart,

At times I could not speak; my heart still can speak,

At times I could not run; but my heart still runs to my lord,

At times I could not stand; my heart still kept its stand,

The tears of fear became tears of joy,

The cry for help became a cry of rejoice,

The missing tiny pieces have been fitted back together,

The missing part of me have been replaced with something better,

I shall be as the lord is with me,

If any weapon forged against me; it shall not prevail.

Saturday, 26 May 2012

Broken Hearted

Sometimes I wished that relationships weren’t hard,
What feels even harder is being apart; I just wished it was so easy,
She says that she loves you; all she did was fail you,
I’m always saying I’m sorry but even that seems to fail me,
My heart has shattered to pieces; my heart has burned to ashes,
My heart is un-repairable; my heart is blown away,
I just want to cry but my tears just won’t flow down,
The joy that was there has turned into misery,

If she knew the lord, we wouldn’t have been this way,
If she knew the love, my heart would still be there,
If she knew the way, she wouldn’t have put me away,
If she knew the feeling, the heartbreak would never happen,

In my room alone; I’m just crying deep inside,
The pain, suffering and the tears; it shows on the outside,
Then a man in white, who suddenly appeared,
When I tried to get close, he just disappeared,
I began to cry, cry and cry; feeling like I’m dead inside,
A new heart began to appear; this new heart made a life inside,
The guy in white again reappeared; I had repented and give him my life,
He showed me his hand and it showed a scar; He is the Christ that brought me to life,

I have the lord, who has made a new way,
I have the lord, who has gave me a new heart,
I have the lord, who has not gave me away,
I have the lord, who has fixed me a new heart,

But I was still missing my other half; when it will happen and when will she come,
My sovereign lord has said to me; “your time has not come but she will come soon,
I have better plans for you for you are my son,
Come follow me for I will show you the way”,
Thirty years later I have found my other half,
When it was time, we both became one,
I no longer run feeling broken hearted,
But I walk in the light, with my love and my saviour,

When the time has come for my other half to come home,
I felt my heart crack as she made her way home,
The lord gave me comfort and has fixed my heart whole,
If he weren’t there, that crack would make a big hole,
At least on the brightside, I know that she is home safe,
But when my time comes, I will be there with my lord,
No more broken hearts, no more crying tears,
No more trials, no more tribulations.

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Life and Death

This scary place is not a very nice place,
So many burning smokes going right into space,
This scary place is a very dark place,
It is so dark that you can't see his face,
This scary place is where the unbelievers ended up,
I would weep, weep and weep; the more they went down,
This scary place is not where men are meant to be,
Because of their ignorance and their destination is to be,

My lord did not want this for you,
My lord did not want this for me,
He wanted all his men all back to himself,
But the men could not see or hear; all they want is themselves,
The fail was caused by adam and eve; all there was is death,
But Jesus dying on that cross; brought back human life,
The fall of man got us disconected,
The massiah on earth got us connected,

Which after life do you want to choose,
The eternal death or the eternal life,
Open your eyes for your time on earth is not forever,
But life after death is your life until forever,
I'm warning you now so you won't be hurt forever,
But decissions you make will last until forever,
All I want for you is a life without pain,
But if you don't want that, then there's nothing to gain.

Tuesday, 22 May 2012


Oh my lord; I've seen your doors open,
The entrance to heaven open to me; but some, it's closed,
Oh how golden this beautiful place is,
This is my home where I really belong,
The shiny rivers full of beautiful crystals,
The beautiful golden mansion with many rooms,
Ah; this beautiful golden cities,
When it is my time; this is where I would be,

In this beautiful place, there is no such thing as sadness,
No more broken hearts, no more tears of sadness,
In this beautiful place, the presence is here,
The feeling of lonliness no longer exists,
In this beautiful place, you see earth so close,
I can still see your loved one as if they're are with you,
In this beautiful place, you feel so complete,
The limits that was stopping you made you feel incomplete,

The way I can go home is through a narrow path,
But going through this path was really worth it.

Monday, 21 May 2012

So Much Expressions In One Small Poem

So many words that I can express,
It’s so much that caught interest,
This may have no meaning to some,
It is to me and it will to some,
I just write according to the spirit,
The spirit in me reached some other hungry spirit,
This piece of bread that I just took,
Made by lord who is a good cook.

My Expression To You My Lord

The feeling of rejection hurts too much,
It’s too much too bare that I can’t take as such,
The flaming arrows that hit me so hard,
Falling and dying without a missing you card,
Losing my lost ones when I really needed them,
Creating more enemies; the world has gone mayhem,
I’m just too different from the rest of the world,
Being spat at and all sorts and rejected in this world,
What has this world gone to, why I’m I still here,
This world is full of chaos and that is all I hear,
Oh heavenly father, kings of kings,
Oh heavenly father, lord or lords,
Why do these men not see your love,
Why do these men not hear you speak,
Why do these men fall short of the glory,
Why do these men not see what I’ve seen,
If all men see your love, would they share this love in this world,
If all men hear you speak, would they listen to your commands,
If all men seen your glory, would they believe that you are there,
If all men have seen what I’ve seen, I know for sure they won’t be the same,
Some will say they accept the gospel,
Some will say they reject the gospel,
The simple minded are long sighted,
The difficult minded are short sighted,
But hey; I was born in this world but not from this world,
I was put apart from this world so the enemy can’t put me on hold,
My job here is to minister the gospel,
Their job here is to choose to accept the gospel,
As far as I know; we are at the last days,
When Christ returns, most will mourn but I be like yay,
Oh lord; this is my expressions to you,
But hey; I give you my thanks to you.

Friday, 18 May 2012

Spiritual Warfare

Once a little baby in a baby’s carriage,
Always so adventurous while living in a cottage,
Where this big cottage was had a big massive field,
Running around, smiling, laughing while being filled,
With this delicious milk that had helped me to produce,
To help me grow into a warrior but had to eventually choose,
Either to live an eternal life or to die as an orphan,
I chose to want to live an eternal life,

Wise little boy, you have made a wise choice,
Come follow me so you can simply rejoice,
But you need to put your armour since you are in a war,
If you run around naked, you would be striked by far,
We don’t wrestle against flesh and blood,
But against the rulers, authorities, against spiritual forces which has created a flood,
This is not a war where you kill innocent human beings,
This is a war where you kill evil spiritual beings,

This little boy became a strong mighty warrior,
Fearless as he seems because he has his saviour,
His shield of faith has saved him from the flaming arrows,
His sword of the spirit has saved so many souls,
His belt of truth has helped set people free,
His helmet of salvation has helped the broken find their saviour pain free,
His breastplate of righteousness made him blameless in God’s sight,
He’s an apple of God’s eye in his sight which he can see he will win this fight,

When the time his war finished, it was time to go home,
His time on earth was only for him to roam,
He rejoiced in the lord that he has made it in victory,
But didn’t the old man know that he had already got the victory?
He was more than a conquer through Jesus Christ,
He couldn’t have done it alone; he would have failed and died.

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Trapped Inside A Bubble

These words that come out of me are pretty hard to describe,
Loads of expressions in my mind that seems to make a rhyme,
My passion for writing has pureness inside,
Writing my expressions which will flow outside,
Outside of the that small bubble is something far beyond greater,
No man outside his bubble could understand what is greater,
Only a few people in that bubble manage to make it outside,
Most of the people seem to get stuck comfortable inside,

My expressions at first started off from salvation,
Then it went on from salvation to another transition,
Seeing far greater gave me so much to hope,
With these obstacles in the way makes it harder to cope,
The amount of faith I have which pleased my master outside my bubble,
My expressions that are on paper went and burst my bubble,
This freedom I have no longer kept me in bondage,
The pain in my heart went; it is time to take off my bandage,

The friend that I can see that has helped to set me free,
My God he is so bright that the darkness was dark free,
I give my thanks to papa God that I’m no longer in my bubble,
It’s time to give these words so I can also receive double.

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

My Walk

Life out there is like one rocky journey,
Climbing and falling until I reach the top,
I feel like I’m alone carrying a heavy load of weights,
Crushing my feet until I stumble and fall,
The long heavy journey is like a mile away,
Tied in a chain with a whole load of people,
The whole journey seems to get darker and darker,
But at the very same time, it got hotter and hotter,

But, did I know where I was going?

On my way to my journey I saw this person going the opposite way,
I was wondering why he would do such a thing,
He walked up towards me and grabbed me by my hands,
My face remained puzzled with a state of confusion,
He told me that he is the way, the truth and the life,
But I could not understand what he meant by that,
The light in this guy shined brighter and brighter,
I begun to realise that He is the Christ,

Lord Jesus, my saviour that has died for my sake on the cross,

He asked me if I knew where I was going with a crowd of people,
I could not get a single word right outside my mouth,
He told me that most of the people are heading to destruction,
Thank God he took me away and I gave my life to Christ,
Many of those that are being called into the kingdom,
But only a few that has been chosen.

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Wake Up

Wake up, the sun is shining and the dark skies are turning into bright skies,
Wake up, for this is the next day and what happened yesterday is for what happened yesterday,
Wake up, for start of a new chapter, for the chapter has gone past, its time to flick a new page,
Wake up, for the light is here and the dark is no more, I am here to show you the way.

The sun is rising shining over the dark, don't let the dogs try to eat you like a shark,
Most of you are asleep when the earth is having pains, time to wake up before the whole earth rains,
The ones that's awake are the ones to wake you up, you can either take your torch or you sleep it right down,
The sun has now risen and its now time for harvest, the plants that's still asleep are the plants that is missing out, the plants that are awake are the plants with satisfaction.


I had a dream one day which is far more than what I can see,
I want this to come to reality which will satisfy me,
But how is this going be possible when it feels like it’s impossible,
Fighting and fighting and fighting to try to make it possible,
How I’m I going to jump when I see a massive gap,
Then this guy in white gives a big massive clap,
He was just so bright that he gave me a huge fright,
But the words that came out his mouth just sounded so right,
He told me that I should come to make this dream come true,
But I was so afraid that I was hiding from his view,

But I ran because I was just so afraid,

So I ended up trying the things that would end up destroying me,
The people around me didn’t want to be with me,
I was crying for help but there was nobody that will rescue me,
But the things of the past just kept on eating me,
The ones who you thought you love were always there for you,
But it seems that they there to take a huge advantage of you,
The things from this world make it so hard for me to see,
The things from this world make it hard for me to speak,
Then I remember the guy in white that was there just for me,
But why did I ran if he was there to help me,

But I ran because I was just so afraid,

I came back to this place where I saw the man in white,
But he was nowhere to be seen because I couldn’t see the light,
So I cried and cried and cried and I screamed out his name,
Jesus, Jesus, Jesus and he appeared when he heard his name,
I surrendered when I realised I could not do this on my own,
He still welcomed me and he told me that I’m not on my own,
At times he felt he was far and I couldn’t understand why,
He told me he was inside of me so why should I be shy,
Because I was afraid that I couldn’t reach my great biggest dream,
But really I could do it and reach the end of the biggest stream,

I walked, walked and walked,
I stumbled, stumbled and stumbled,
I fell, fell and fell,
He lifted me back on high,

I feared, feared and feared,
I cried, cried and cried,
I doubted, doubted and doubted,
He took these feelings away from me,

There I am, my dream has come true,
I never thought that this day would come true,
I thank Jesus Christ for making this dream come true,
All I can say to you that he can make your dreams come true.

She Was Different

All these years I've been waiting for this day,
Someone that I would be happy; up until today,
All these years I've been wondering, who is the one,
Looks like that I've found her, God told me she is the one,
All these years I've been missing a part, the one that becomes one flesh,
She has always been the one that always makes me fresh,
All these years I've been searching but I couldn't find my love,
She showed up by surprise who showed me how to love just like a dove,

I thought she would be like everyone else who has left me because of their lust,
I thought she would be like everyone else who has left me because I wasn't worth a thing,
I thought she would be like everyone else who has left me because I was too different,
I thought she would be like everyone else who has left me because of the money,

But she was different,

She wasn't the type that would be with one and jump to another,
She wasn't the type that thinks I'm worth nothing,
She wasn't the type that would take advantage because I was too different,
She wasn't the type that would love me just because of the money,

But she was different,

I think to myself; why didn't she leave me when I made many mistakes,
Why did she not leave me when I'm not like anybody else,
Why did she not leave me when I'm nothing like a millionaire,
Why did she not leave me when I'm not worth anything,

But she was different,

She knew God, she knew love and she has his heart,
It all makes sense to me now, she really is different,

She loves me and I love her.


I see you are trapped in this world,
Can you not see far beyond this world,
Don't you see that this world is not home,
But as far as I know this world is where I roam,
Your home is far above where you smile with God,
But most of you can't see because you are still in your pod,

What do you mean I'm still trapped in this world,
I don't know what you’re talking about when my home is this world,
You calling me blind for not being in that home,
If that's the case then I'm happy to roam,
Are you saying that my home is in heaven,
But doesn't he know that my name is Kevin,

But can you not see that you’re really missing out,
On the things that make you whole that will make you stand out,
But why stand in the cold when there's pleasure of life,
Being trapped in the cold could lead you to your death,
But Kevin may I say that there is more to see,
When you can see is a calm blue sea,

I have all the things here so I'm not missing out,
But it sucks being different, I don't want to stand out,
This world is what I have that gives me great pleasure,
So why do you think that this world is all pressure,
But don't you think that I can see,
What do you mean like a calm blue sea,

May the lord bless you so you can see what I can see,
Things will be straight like a calm blue sea,
What you need is the Lord who can see.