Friday, 27 July 2012

Religion vs Jesus

How can these people be so foolish thinking religion is the way,
Don’t you see that there is one which is through Jesus, He’s the way,
What religion does is throw laws to bring you down,
But what Jesus has done was to fulfil all the laws; he died on the cross to bring you up through him,
Religion is nothing but a man searching for God,
But the truth is that God is the one, who he is searching for you,
Religion is nothing but a barrier; it pushes you far from your creator,
Jesus is the great I am; He brings you closer to your creator,

Religion tells you to do; Jesus tells you it is done,
Religion brings you burdens; Jesus sets you free,
Religion makes you dead; Jesus makes you live,
Religion is made by man; Jesus is made by God,

Religion says that you have to be perfect if you want to go to heaven,
Jesus says come as you are; follow me and I will show you a true way to heaven,
Religions points at the sinners and make them feel ashamed,
Jesus points at the religious Pharisee’s and puts them all to shame,
Religion is like man dressing up a dead man’s corpse,
Following my lord and saviour; I can just walk without shame,
Religion forces you to pay your penalty fines, to die because of your sin,
Jesus has already paid your penalty fines; go sin no more because your sins have been forgiven.

Religion destroys; Jesus restores,
Religion is man-made; Jesus is by God’s grace,
Religion leads to a wide road of destruction; Jesus leads to a narrow road of peace,
Religion fails; Jesus reigns,

Let us rejoice, let us be set free, let us give him the glory, let his name be exaulted,

Peace be with you from God the father and our lord Jesus Christ.

**The idea of this poem was sort of influenced by this YouTube video that went viral over the internet by a Christian poet Jefferson Bethke which you can find his videos here.**

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Two different worlds

We used to live in the same world; now its like we have been departed to another world,
As I've ascended alongside my light; you never came and let yourself in pure darkness,
I weep at the pains that you put yourself through; you weep at the fact you want to be pain free,
Its never too late to follow the light; but don't give up now before you leave it too late,
Don't follow the creations, follow the creator.

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

A lost blind sheep

Why are you so blind; why do you think you can see,
You are yet so quick to judge on what you think you see,
Do you not realise that your just being too proud,
Yet when I tell you the truth; you want to go avoid and go around,
Why do judge how God made these people,
When you are judged; you cry you hypocrite,
You read my lips but your hearts are elsewhere,
You say you love me but your love flies nowhere,

You stole my sheeps, you lied and deceived them,
You have been fooled as much as you fooled them,
But since you never knew that you were my lost sheep,
I shall open your eyes to see; time to wake you from your sleep,
Time to help gather my lost sheep and you will get your rewards,
Don’t be quick to judge; be a witness and head on forwards,
Since you are my sheep; you can surely hear my voice,
But these who are in wolves clothing cannot hear my voice.

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