Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Take my pain away.

Where do I start with this stabbing pain,
That very same pain that just rains and rains,
That very same rain that burns and burns,
That very same burn that eats and eats,

Life, love and peace just feels like an illusion,
When satan himself just pours out confusion,
That very same confusion that brings us away,
From the life, love and peace and leads us astray,

But enough is enough as I will now take a stand,
I shall not fear as God is with me from when I had fell,
From the deepest part of the pit to the highest part of heaven,
I shall not take the glory as Gods glory reaches the heavens,

The life that he brings had brought me life,
The love that he brings had made me feel loved,
The peace that he brings had took away the fears,
That stabbing pain I felt is now no longer there.

Thursday, 30 May 2013

Prisoner In Light

The last message that I wrote was about being trapped in a tightly sealed box,
Now I got myself out of this box which authorities in this world has put me in,
I see that there are others that are trapped in this box,
The pain and the suffering in my heart when I see nothing torment to the people trapped in this box,
I see the innocent people being set free from those chains,
but all the other boxes that I see that have ended up in the fire.
I kept running to these boxes, screaming and crying with these tears flowing down my eyes, begging them to call on the name of Jesus.
What breaks my heart is how only a few people call, but only a few make it out while the others suffer in silence like a lifeless man in a coffin, deteriorating in that box.

Father, father, you opened my eyes to see what was really going on in this box.
I was clueless, so clueless that being trapped in captivity was gonna lead me to destruction.
The enemy is running after me oh lord to try and put me in an unbreakable box that even you would not be able to break me free this box,
Please, please, protect me oh lord from the snares of the enemies and from the deception of this dark world.
Hide me in a place, a secret place where the enemy can't find me in Jesus name. Amen.

I found myself in great peace,
I found myself with fear no more,
I found myself on the right side of the king,
I found myself being with God.

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Prisoner In Darkness

Nobody will understand what it's like walking in this world.
With a bunch of brain dead and black hearted people in this world.
Pitch black, rumours of war, the evil from the authorities corrupting this world.
It just makes you think of why would a person like me be brought up in this crazy world?
They say to me that the world is my oyster, but why is it that I'm still a slave to this world?

Father, father, please set me free, I lost my voice, I feel so trapped in a cage that can't be broken.
My heart is breaking for the people of this world, don't just rescue me but rescue your people too.
Train me, build me, break me, do whatever you want with this heart, please oh lord forgive me for my sins, and help me help me help me to forgive those that have hurt me.
Please come into my heart and into my life because I believe that you brought your only begotten son as a sacrifice to die on the cross for me so you can set me from the snares of the enemy.
Father, father, please cover me with the blood of the lamb and by your stripes, I am healed in Jesus name. Amen.

My eyes, those beautiful eyes are slowly opening and the light is exposing the darkness in the sky.
I see and I feel that I feel the peace at the same time, even in this prison box which is a so called world, I feel like there is a friend in me that doesn't feel like I'm alone or will never forsake me through severe and mighty storms.
A light figure just appeared in my sight with a mighty white rope with beautiful hair, yet I cannot see his face holding some kind of key.
He opened the cage that I've been trapped in the most of my life, as my deliverance has came in due time since I have prayed this prayer in hopes to set me free.
I could never remember the feeling for pure freedom in my life, I feel like dancing and singing and praising our God.
Even though I still have to go through some sufferings, but at least I know that I'm not on my own.

Thursday, 30 August 2012

Dear lord on the behalf of the lukewarm

Many will read your lips but their hearts are so far away,
Many will say they're fixed when really they're broken,
Many will think they're wearing clean robes when really they're really in filthy rags,
Many will say I love you but in their hearts they say I hate you,
Many will think they're glass is full when in reality; their glasses are empty,
What more would they want in this world when there's more eternally,
What would they gain if you had the whole world than to gain nothing in this world,
Why walk in the black when they can walk in white,
Why should a man fear death when they're with you O lord,
Why should a man not fear death when they're are not with you O lord,
Can a poem like this have another meaning to this,
Can a poem like this not make any sense to them at all,
I'm pretty sure a minority of them would understand the meaning behind it,
But a majority of them would think of it as just trash talk,
What more can I say when I'm only writing from what is in my heart,
What more can I say when they think I'm just writing what's in my head,
Some will think I'm out of my mind but for a few; it takes a clear vision to see.

Monday, 6 August 2012

The bread of life

I've been so hungry for all my life; trying to look for things to satisify me,
I seemed to have found nothing to keep me full; nor did I found drinks to stop my thirst,
It seemed like I was lost; nowhere on earth to be found,
Walking through the lost desert trying to find my way out,
I kept trying and trying and trying; I just kept wanting to give it all up,
My stomach kept on rumbling and my throat was getting all dry,
I had nothing to eat and there was barely any water,
I was on the verge of giving up; I just wanted to die alone,
Then I saw something so bright; brighter than the sun,
I could see his outline; He was whiter than snow,
I felt so drawn to come nearer to him; I asked where to find the bread and the water to keep my satisfaction,
He said to me, "I am the bread of life. He who comes to me will never go hungry, he who comes to me will never be thirsty."
I came to him and I followed him and I also believed in him,
I've made my way outside of this desert; I was fully satisified never hungry nor thirsty,
I gave him all my thanks and gave him all the glory,
I gave him my life and he gave me eternal life.

Friday, 27 July 2012

Religion vs Jesus

How can these people be so foolish thinking religion is the way,
Don’t you see that there is one which is through Jesus, He’s the way,
What religion does is throw laws to bring you down,
But what Jesus has done was to fulfil all the laws; he died on the cross to bring you up through him,
Religion is nothing but a man searching for God,
But the truth is that God is the one, who he is searching for you,
Religion is nothing but a barrier; it pushes you far from your creator,
Jesus is the great I am; He brings you closer to your creator,

Religion tells you to do; Jesus tells you it is done,
Religion brings you burdens; Jesus sets you free,
Religion makes you dead; Jesus makes you live,
Religion is made by man; Jesus is made by God,

Religion says that you have to be perfect if you want to go to heaven,
Jesus says come as you are; follow me and I will show you a true way to heaven,
Religions points at the sinners and make them feel ashamed,
Jesus points at the religious Pharisee’s and puts them all to shame,
Religion is like man dressing up a dead man’s corpse,
Following my lord and saviour; I can just walk without shame,
Religion forces you to pay your penalty fines, to die because of your sin,
Jesus has already paid your penalty fines; go sin no more because your sins have been forgiven.

Religion destroys; Jesus restores,
Religion is man-made; Jesus is by God’s grace,
Religion leads to a wide road of destruction; Jesus leads to a narrow road of peace,
Religion fails; Jesus reigns,

Let us rejoice, let us be set free, let us give him the glory, let his name be exaulted,

Peace be with you from God the father and our lord Jesus Christ.

**The idea of this poem was sort of influenced by this YouTube video that went viral over the internet by a Christian poet Jefferson Bethke which you can find his videos here.**

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Two different worlds

We used to live in the same world; now its like we have been departed to another world,
As I've ascended alongside my light; you never came and let yourself in pure darkness,
I weep at the pains that you put yourself through; you weep at the fact you want to be pain free,
Its never too late to follow the light; but don't give up now before you leave it too late,
Don't follow the creations, follow the creator.