About Me

Name: Ian Morrison

Location: United Kingdom

About Me:
Having many difficulties while growing up having to battle with depression at such a young age which made life seem pretty difficult and most challenging otherwise.

Being different from most peers in my school sort of gave me the advantage but at the same time, made me feel like I never really fitted into any crowds. What I would used to do is pretend to be someone that I'm not and try fit into the crowd which was not the solution in the end.

Eventually, I just turned to Jesus and surrendered my life as he is the way, the truth and the life. I express Jesus a lot in my poems because of the amazing things that he has done in my life and the amounts of chains that has been broken off me and he is good all the time and nobody is greater than my saviour.

A year later after giving my life to Christ and became born again, I suddenly discovered my ability to write poetry which has been one of the things that I've always had from the heart but never really realised it until I was going through a healing process in my life.

I found someone eventually that feels just right for me and I tend to express her in one of my poems that I have written. I love my Judette so much and will always be there for her.

Projects Done:
- Co-owner of Aspies Central (2010 - 2014)
- Maintenance of N3rd Narion (2010 - 2011)

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Aspies Central
N3rd Nation

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