Thursday, 30 August 2012

Dear lord on the behalf of the lukewarm

Many will read your lips but their hearts are so far away,
Many will say they're fixed when really they're broken,
Many will think they're wearing clean robes when really they're really in filthy rags,
Many will say I love you but in their hearts they say I hate you,
Many will think they're glass is full when in reality; their glasses are empty,
What more would they want in this world when there's more eternally,
What would they gain if you had the whole world than to gain nothing in this world,
Why walk in the black when they can walk in white,
Why should a man fear death when they're with you O lord,
Why should a man not fear death when they're are not with you O lord,
Can a poem like this have another meaning to this,
Can a poem like this not make any sense to them at all,
I'm pretty sure a minority of them would understand the meaning behind it,
But a majority of them would think of it as just trash talk,
What more can I say when I'm only writing from what is in my heart,
What more can I say when they think I'm just writing what's in my head,
Some will think I'm out of my mind but for a few; it takes a clear vision to see.

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