Tuesday, 22 May 2012


Oh my lord; I've seen your doors open,
The entrance to heaven open to me; but some, it's closed,
Oh how golden this beautiful place is,
This is my home where I really belong,
The shiny rivers full of beautiful crystals,
The beautiful golden mansion with many rooms,
Ah; this beautiful golden cities,
When it is my time; this is where I would be,

In this beautiful place, there is no such thing as sadness,
No more broken hearts, no more tears of sadness,
In this beautiful place, the presence is here,
The feeling of lonliness no longer exists,
In this beautiful place, you see earth so close,
I can still see your loved one as if they're are with you,
In this beautiful place, you feel so complete,
The limits that was stopping you made you feel incomplete,

The way I can go home is through a narrow path,
But going through this path was really worth it.

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