Thursday, 24 May 2012

Life and Death

This scary place is not a very nice place,
So many burning smokes going right into space,
This scary place is a very dark place,
It is so dark that you can't see his face,
This scary place is where the unbelievers ended up,
I would weep, weep and weep; the more they went down,
This scary place is not where men are meant to be,
Because of their ignorance and their destination is to be,

My lord did not want this for you,
My lord did not want this for me,
He wanted all his men all back to himself,
But the men could not see or hear; all they want is themselves,
The fail was caused by adam and eve; all there was is death,
But Jesus dying on that cross; brought back human life,
The fall of man got us disconected,
The massiah on earth got us connected,

Which after life do you want to choose,
The eternal death or the eternal life,
Open your eyes for your time on earth is not forever,
But life after death is your life until forever,
I'm warning you now so you won't be hurt forever,
But decissions you make will last until forever,
All I want for you is a life without pain,
But if you don't want that, then there's nothing to gain.

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