Saturday, 12 May 2012


I see you are trapped in this world,
Can you not see far beyond this world,
Don't you see that this world is not home,
But as far as I know this world is where I roam,
Your home is far above where you smile with God,
But most of you can't see because you are still in your pod,

What do you mean I'm still trapped in this world,
I don't know what you’re talking about when my home is this world,
You calling me blind for not being in that home,
If that's the case then I'm happy to roam,
Are you saying that my home is in heaven,
But doesn't he know that my name is Kevin,

But can you not see that you’re really missing out,
On the things that make you whole that will make you stand out,
But why stand in the cold when there's pleasure of life,
Being trapped in the cold could lead you to your death,
But Kevin may I say that there is more to see,
When you can see is a calm blue sea,

I have all the things here so I'm not missing out,
But it sucks being different, I don't want to stand out,
This world is what I have that gives me great pleasure,
So why do you think that this world is all pressure,
But don't you think that I can see,
What do you mean like a calm blue sea,

May the lord bless you so you can see what I can see,
Things will be straight like a calm blue sea,
What you need is the Lord who can see.

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