Monday, 21 May 2012

My Expression To You My Lord

The feeling of rejection hurts too much,
It’s too much too bare that I can’t take as such,
The flaming arrows that hit me so hard,
Falling and dying without a missing you card,
Losing my lost ones when I really needed them,
Creating more enemies; the world has gone mayhem,
I’m just too different from the rest of the world,
Being spat at and all sorts and rejected in this world,
What has this world gone to, why I’m I still here,
This world is full of chaos and that is all I hear,
Oh heavenly father, kings of kings,
Oh heavenly father, lord or lords,
Why do these men not see your love,
Why do these men not hear you speak,
Why do these men fall short of the glory,
Why do these men not see what I’ve seen,
If all men see your love, would they share this love in this world,
If all men hear you speak, would they listen to your commands,
If all men seen your glory, would they believe that you are there,
If all men have seen what I’ve seen, I know for sure they won’t be the same,
Some will say they accept the gospel,
Some will say they reject the gospel,
The simple minded are long sighted,
The difficult minded are short sighted,
But hey; I was born in this world but not from this world,
I was put apart from this world so the enemy can’t put me on hold,
My job here is to minister the gospel,
Their job here is to choose to accept the gospel,
As far as I know; we are at the last days,
When Christ returns, most will mourn but I be like yay,
Oh lord; this is my expressions to you,
But hey; I give you my thanks to you.

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