Friday, 18 May 2012

Spiritual Warfare

Once a little baby in a baby’s carriage,
Always so adventurous while living in a cottage,
Where this big cottage was had a big massive field,
Running around, smiling, laughing while being filled,
With this delicious milk that had helped me to produce,
To help me grow into a warrior but had to eventually choose,
Either to live an eternal life or to die as an orphan,
I chose to want to live an eternal life,

Wise little boy, you have made a wise choice,
Come follow me so you can simply rejoice,
But you need to put your armour since you are in a war,
If you run around naked, you would be striked by far,
We don’t wrestle against flesh and blood,
But against the rulers, authorities, against spiritual forces which has created a flood,
This is not a war where you kill innocent human beings,
This is a war where you kill evil spiritual beings,

This little boy became a strong mighty warrior,
Fearless as he seems because he has his saviour,
His shield of faith has saved him from the flaming arrows,
His sword of the spirit has saved so many souls,
His belt of truth has helped set people free,
His helmet of salvation has helped the broken find their saviour pain free,
His breastplate of righteousness made him blameless in God’s sight,
He’s an apple of God’s eye in his sight which he can see he will win this fight,

When the time his war finished, it was time to go home,
His time on earth was only for him to roam,
He rejoiced in the lord that he has made it in victory,
But didn’t the old man know that he had already got the victory?
He was more than a conquer through Jesus Christ,
He couldn’t have done it alone; he would have failed and died.

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