Saturday, 12 May 2012

True Love

I love you because you have always been there for me; through the best times and also through the worst,

I love you because you have shown me how to love; before I used to hate and was cured by your love,

I love you because you don't care what I look like; I was inferior and was insecure of what I looked like, I was scared to walk out of my house until you really showed how much you did not care because you loved me the way I am,

I love you because you have given me chances; through the many mistakes I have made, I would of thought you would have left me, but because of your love and mercy, you gave me many chances just to make things right,

I love you because you are the one for me; all the others have put me down, disowned me and pushed me away, my heart breaking into many pieces that it couldn't be put together again, but you are the one that was different, you kept trying to bring me up, you never left me or disowned me, you never pushed me away and you brought all the broken pieces back together again.

I love you because you are who you are.

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