Saturday, 26 May 2012

Broken Hearted

Sometimes I wished that relationships weren’t hard,
What feels even harder is being apart; I just wished it was so easy,
She says that she loves you; all she did was fail you,
I’m always saying I’m sorry but even that seems to fail me,
My heart has shattered to pieces; my heart has burned to ashes,
My heart is un-repairable; my heart is blown away,
I just want to cry but my tears just won’t flow down,
The joy that was there has turned into misery,

If she knew the lord, we wouldn’t have been this way,
If she knew the love, my heart would still be there,
If she knew the way, she wouldn’t have put me away,
If she knew the feeling, the heartbreak would never happen,

In my room alone; I’m just crying deep inside,
The pain, suffering and the tears; it shows on the outside,
Then a man in white, who suddenly appeared,
When I tried to get close, he just disappeared,
I began to cry, cry and cry; feeling like I’m dead inside,
A new heart began to appear; this new heart made a life inside,
The guy in white again reappeared; I had repented and give him my life,
He showed me his hand and it showed a scar; He is the Christ that brought me to life,

I have the lord, who has made a new way,
I have the lord, who has gave me a new heart,
I have the lord, who has not gave me away,
I have the lord, who has fixed me a new heart,

But I was still missing my other half; when it will happen and when will she come,
My sovereign lord has said to me; “your time has not come but she will come soon,
I have better plans for you for you are my son,
Come follow me for I will show you the way”,
Thirty years later I have found my other half,
When it was time, we both became one,
I no longer run feeling broken hearted,
But I walk in the light, with my love and my saviour,

When the time has come for my other half to come home,
I felt my heart crack as she made her way home,
The lord gave me comfort and has fixed my heart whole,
If he weren’t there, that crack would make a big hole,
At least on the brightside, I know that she is home safe,
But when my time comes, I will be there with my lord,
No more broken hearts, no more crying tears,
No more trials, no more tribulations.

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