Saturday, 12 May 2012


I had a dream one day which is far more than what I can see,
I want this to come to reality which will satisfy me,
But how is this going be possible when it feels like it’s impossible,
Fighting and fighting and fighting to try to make it possible,
How I’m I going to jump when I see a massive gap,
Then this guy in white gives a big massive clap,
He was just so bright that he gave me a huge fright,
But the words that came out his mouth just sounded so right,
He told me that I should come to make this dream come true,
But I was so afraid that I was hiding from his view,

But I ran because I was just so afraid,

So I ended up trying the things that would end up destroying me,
The people around me didn’t want to be with me,
I was crying for help but there was nobody that will rescue me,
But the things of the past just kept on eating me,
The ones who you thought you love were always there for you,
But it seems that they there to take a huge advantage of you,
The things from this world make it so hard for me to see,
The things from this world make it hard for me to speak,
Then I remember the guy in white that was there just for me,
But why did I ran if he was there to help me,

But I ran because I was just so afraid,

I came back to this place where I saw the man in white,
But he was nowhere to be seen because I couldn’t see the light,
So I cried and cried and cried and I screamed out his name,
Jesus, Jesus, Jesus and he appeared when he heard his name,
I surrendered when I realised I could not do this on my own,
He still welcomed me and he told me that I’m not on my own,
At times he felt he was far and I couldn’t understand why,
He told me he was inside of me so why should I be shy,
Because I was afraid that I couldn’t reach my great biggest dream,
But really I could do it and reach the end of the biggest stream,

I walked, walked and walked,
I stumbled, stumbled and stumbled,
I fell, fell and fell,
He lifted me back on high,

I feared, feared and feared,
I cried, cried and cried,
I doubted, doubted and doubted,
He took these feelings away from me,

There I am, my dream has come true,
I never thought that this day would come true,
I thank Jesus Christ for making this dream come true,
All I can say to you that he can make your dreams come true.

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