Saturday, 12 May 2012

Wake Up

Wake up, the sun is shining and the dark skies are turning into bright skies,
Wake up, for this is the next day and what happened yesterday is for what happened yesterday,
Wake up, for start of a new chapter, for the chapter has gone past, its time to flick a new page,
Wake up, for the light is here and the dark is no more, I am here to show you the way.

The sun is rising shining over the dark, don't let the dogs try to eat you like a shark,
Most of you are asleep when the earth is having pains, time to wake up before the whole earth rains,
The ones that's awake are the ones to wake you up, you can either take your torch or you sleep it right down,
The sun has now risen and its now time for harvest, the plants that's still asleep are the plants that is missing out, the plants that are awake are the plants with satisfaction.

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