Thursday, 17 May 2012

Trapped Inside A Bubble

These words that come out of me are pretty hard to describe,
Loads of expressions in my mind that seems to make a rhyme,
My passion for writing has pureness inside,
Writing my expressions which will flow outside,
Outside of the that small bubble is something far beyond greater,
No man outside his bubble could understand what is greater,
Only a few people in that bubble manage to make it outside,
Most of the people seem to get stuck comfortable inside,

My expressions at first started off from salvation,
Then it went on from salvation to another transition,
Seeing far greater gave me so much to hope,
With these obstacles in the way makes it harder to cope,
The amount of faith I have which pleased my master outside my bubble,
My expressions that are on paper went and burst my bubble,
This freedom I have no longer kept me in bondage,
The pain in my heart went; it is time to take off my bandage,

The friend that I can see that has helped to set me free,
My God he is so bright that the darkness was dark free,
I give my thanks to papa God that I’m no longer in my bubble,
It’s time to give these words so I can also receive double.

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