Saturday, 12 May 2012


I was once stuck in my past thinking there was no way out,I found myself lost out there just a lost scout,
Wondering if I could find my way out of this darkness,
Stuck by myself through a mist of clouds in loneliness,
Until a saw this white light shaped as like a man,
Setting me free from the darkness like he was no ordinary man,
He took away my blindfold and I could finally see,
All I can see is tornados and tsunami in the deep blue sea,
So I looked far ahead and I could see in front of me is like gold,
He said to me that this will be your new home which is so golden,
He gave me a friend that no one can see to comfort me,
But only I can see because He is in me,
He said to me; don't carry what you bring in the past,
For you are a new creation in me, I'm your present and your future.
Before, I thought there was just no hope,
Now I can see that there is new hope.

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