Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Searching - From A Broken Hearted Person

Why is my life so confusing,

Why is my love life broken to pieces,

I need someone to make it less confusing,

I need someone that can restore the broken pieces,

My heart is constantly aching but I don’t know what it is,

No matter how much I try; I guess it just as it is,

Every time I try to speak, it’s like I can’t get it through,

You just don’t understand who I want to pour my heart to,

Do you not understand I cannot do this by myself,

Do you not understand why my heart keeps aching,

I just want someone who loves me for me,

I just want someone who loves me for me not even trying,

These were the words that would leak out of my heart,

These were the words before I found the light of my heart,

Jesus my lord you have made it so much easier,

Jesus my lord; you have fixed my broken pieces,

Jesus my lord; you were the one that was the missing piece in my heart,

Jesus my lord; you were there for me and I can express wholeheartedly,

It seems that you’re the one  I poor my heart to.


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    1. Thank you Mamun, I'm glad you liked it. Is this a book that you've created?